Jesus is the most influential person in all of human history. Through this series, we’ll journey through an eyewitness account of his life and teaching.
Join us as we seek to discover the real Jesus.

Journey with us over this next series as we not only read through John together, but we spend some time digging a little deeper. This page will be chalked full of creativity, videos, blogs and additional resources, all to help you explore the Real Jesus.

  • Reading Plan
  • Sermons
  • Creative Art
  • Additional Resources

Reading Plan

We’ve created a Reading Plan for the Gospel of John. If you like reading daily or planning ahead, we’ve created the perfect way for you to follow along this journey of discovery with us.

Sermon Videos

We know you aren’t always able to make it out to church on the weekends. We want to make sure you are still able to follow along with us as we learn and grow.

Additional Resources

Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper and explore themes and ideas we don’t necessarily have time to tackle on Sunday morning.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Have a question about what you are learning? Let us know.

“When we learn to read the story of Jesus and see it as the story of the love of God, doing for us what we could not do for ourselves–that insight produces, again and again, a sense of astonished gratitude which is very near the heart of authentic Christian experience.” ― N.T. Wright