The summer months tend to leave our shelves a little bare at our Food Market. But this ministry that helps families in our own church and in our surrounding community, runs throughout the whole year, including the summer. That’s where we need your help!
We are holding a month long Food Drive to make sure that we have the necessary items to share with our families.  Download a copy of these items below and then drop off items in our Food Market bin in our lobby during the week during office hours or on Sunday mornings.

Items Needed:

  1. Cereal
  2. Granola Bars
  3. Cookies
  4. Crackers
  5. Jam
  6. Coffee and Tea
  7. Canned Fruit
  8. Canned Veggies
  9. Canned Ham
  10. Pasta Sauce
  11. Stew
  12. Rice
  13. Juice
  14. Shampoo
  15. Soap
  16. Dish Soap