Together-with-Haiti-final_GMC-300x300 (1)What is the Gambade Medical Clinic Project?

We want to help build and sustain a much needed Medical Clinic in this remote village where there is little access to primary health care, safe deliveries, health promotion, family planning, etc.  Read More about this project

Helping Gambade – Haiti

We want to have the financial means to help the community build their own medical facility:


  • to achieve a significant reduction in the rate of maternal mortality
  • to achieve a significant reduction in infant-under-5 mortality rate
  • where Babies in need of vaccination and growth monitoring will be cared for in an identifiable central location
  • to provide Health education workshops to the general population, including; pregnant women, school children and community groups, cholera patients, etc.
  • where the community is empowered to care for their own people

Why we do it:

With your help, we want to come alongside Haitians to provide primary health care to 20,000 people including children, pregnant women, newborns, etc. per year. Our dream is to facilitate the extension of basic health care to people with less financial means but with acute needs for a healthy life.