Welcome to Compass Point. We’re glad you’re here!

You’ve heard it before and so have we.  People think church is boring or just not relevant to their lives. We believe the opposite. Compass Point is a community of people who are focused on taking their next steps toward Christ…together.


  • Real life. Messages that don’t deny reality but do provide practical handles for transformation.
  • Environments. Encouraging and motivating opportunities that intersect life where you are, providing a balance of learning and fun with a purpose, for the whole family.
  • Experiences. Casual and unexpected with diverse music and arts expression that communicate God’s truth and personality.

What about money? We are a church. We invest in people. We aren’t a business trying to increase its bottom line. It’s because of the faithful and regular giving of people like you that we continue to make a difference, equipping and encouraging people all over the world. Is this your church? Give joyfully. Not sure yet? Relax, we don’t want your money. You’re our guest.